Announcing Additional Flexibility in CPA Preparatory Courses

The CPA profession is pleased to announce significant changes to CPA preparatory courses aimed at improving the student experience and the flexibility of course delivery. Effective November 2019, these changes will include: 

  • Adding a fifth semester 
  • Introducing open registration for non-core CPA preparatory courses 
  • Separating course and examination registration 

For reference, the list of core and non-core courses is provided below. 

Core courses Non-core courses  
Intermediate Financial Reporting 1 (IF1)  Introductory Financial Accounting (IFA) 
Intermediate Financial Reporting 2 (IF2) Introductory Management Accounting (IMA) 
Advanced Financial Reporting (AFR) Economics (ECO) 
Corporate Finance (COF) Statistics (STA) 
Audit and Assurance (AUA) Business Law (BUL) 
Taxation (TAX) Information Technology (ITE) 
Intermediate Management Accounting (MAA)  
Performance Management (PMA)  

Adding a fifth semester: 2019/2020 semester dates  

Starting in November 2019, the course offering for CPA preparatory courses will change from four annual semesters to five annual semesters. 

Semester Core Course Start Core Course End Core and Non-Core Exams Mark Release 
November 30, 2019 January 20, 2020 Jan 31/Feb 1, 2020 Feb 16, 2020 
February 22, 2020 April 3, 2020 Apr 8/9, 2020 Apr 26, 2020 
May 2, 2020 June 12, 2020 Jun 19/20, 2020 Jul 5, 2020 
July 11, 2020 August 21, 2020 Aug 28/29, 2020 Sept 13, 2020 
September 19, 2020 October 30, 2020 Nov 6/7, 2020 Nov 22, 2020 

Registration dates and related details are in the process of being finalized and will be announced shortly. 

All core course delivery will include six instructional weeks and a final exam. All non-core courses will include an exam, but students will be able to start non-core courses when they want (see Open registration, below). 

Introducing open registration for non-core courses 

For further flexibility, students will be able to register for non-core CPA preparatory courses any day of the year, as these courses will no longer have specific start dates. After registering for a course, students can select from five examination dates that best meets their needs and schedule. 

Separating course and exam registration: Choose your exam date 

Beginning in November 2019, CPA students will have the opportunity to register for CPA preparatory courses and their corresponding examinations separately. This change will provide the flexibility to extend the length of time between the beginning of a course and writing its exam, up to twelve months. Five exam dates will be offered throughout the year, and the choice of when to write the exam is entirely the student’s.  

Additional information 

Additional details about these changes and future improvements to the delivery of CPA preparatory courses will be available soon. In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns, please contact