All About ACAF

acaf-blogThe CPA Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF) is an online program designed for people who are interested in careers in accounting, but not as CPAs. Often these people are working in junior accounting roles but don’t have accounting credentials. ACAF graduates are well positioned for junior- and intermediate-level jobs in business, industry, government and public accounting.

The ACAF is flexible; it can be completed in one year of full-time study or self-paced. ACAF courses are available online, but the exams must be written in CPA examination writing centres in various locations across Canada.

ACAF courses are divided into five entry courses, six technical courses, and five applied courses. The entry and technical courses are available through CPA preparatory courses and many post-secondary institutions offer equivalent courses. The applied courses must be taken through CPAWSB (with the exception of Accounting Software Applications, which can be completed at a post-secondary institution or through SAGE). A full course listing is available on the CPAWSB website.

To enroll, students need 30 credits (one year) of study from a post-secondary institution, or three years of relevant work experience that includes exposure to accounting or finance functions. The next enrollment period for the applied courses opens next week, with the 2017 enrollment periods available online. To get started, create a My CPA Profile and request a transcript assessment.